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Opalewski, Dave

Dave OpalewskiDave Opalewski

Dave Opalewski has been aclassroom teacher for twenty-five years and an at-risk counselor for 8 years.Dave has taught at the elementary, middle, high school, and college levels. Hehas recently retired from the Bridgeport/Spaulding Community Schools and ispresently a full-time instructor at Central Michigan University in the TeacherEducation and Professional Development Department. He has a Bachelor of ScienceDegree and a Masters of Arts Degree from Central Michigan University. Dave'sMasters Degree is in Secondary Education with a Health Education emphasis. HisMasters Thesis is titled "Death Education: Guidelines For The ClassroomTeacher." Dave has taught Death Education for Delta College and Death andDying and Suicide Prevention for Central Michigan University. 

Dave also has three years experience working in a funeral home helping thefamily and friends of the deceased cope with their loss. He has been a memberand has led crisis teams for schools who have lost students and staff due toillness, accidents, and suicide. His experiences of what works and what doesn'twork, plus a desire to share this information, has encouraged him to helpcreate "Crises Response to Tragedy," and "Suicide Prevention Programs." 

Dave also has coached interscholastic athletics for twenty-two years. He hasdeveloped many quality relationships with students and parents in thecommunities he has worked. Although teams he has coached have won numeroushonors, he is more fulfilled by the quality of relationships that has developedbetween players, coaches, parents, and the community. 

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