Everest, Kathryn

Kathryn Everest

Kathryn Everest is in her 22nd year as Director of Guidance andCounseling for the Fort Worth Independent School District. She provides leadership and program managementfor 240 professional school counselors.Kathryn, appointed by Governor Rick Perry to serve on the State Boardfor Educators Certification, was instrumental in pushing for revisions in the TACfor more rigorous requirements for school counselor certification. She was recognized as Texas' Counseling Supervisorof the Year and is recognized for her innovative andcomprehensive implementation of crisis response in schools andcommunities. For her work in the area of "wellness" on anational level, Kathryn was chosen "Great Woman of Texas - A Woman of Influence". Everest is recognizedas one of the best in her field as Kathryn's wide range of experiences, coupledwith her own unique perspective and insight intuitively and strategicallyaddresses today's ever changing issues as an advocate for students.

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